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Dry Plants



Hi, I’m Jasmine

This Is My Story

Mi Piel Organics came to be after the birth of a new life. I wanted to protect her delicate new skin from harmful chemicals. She was born with eczema and was allergic to many of the recommended lotions. I began my own research and experiments, and I healed her. 

I had discovered that many of the skin care products I had used throughout my life contained ingredients that were prohibited in many countries.  Ingredients that caused many of the skin conditions & illnesses I had heard about throughout my life.  In my youth my mother used many herbal tinctures, tonics & salves to heal my siblings and I.  In my adulthood, I slowly began to better understand that my mom was on to something.  Today, as my daughter grows, I too find myself using the same remedies that my mom used on me because they actually work!

To further my studies in health & wellness I became a Certified Health Coach. 

At Mi Piel Organics, our mission is to educate & encourage you to live a much healthier life when it comes to personal care.

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