Our Healing Oil reparative treatment is the perfect hair and all over body moisturizer and conditioner. Great for hair and scalp treatments. Continued use nourishes hair for improved elasticity, strength, and healthier looking hair and skin. It's the prefect hot oil treatment that doesn't need warming. (4fl oz size)

For use on skin: 
Apply to damp or dry clean skin.

Other Uses:
This Healing Oil Treatment can be used with protective hairstyles to moisturize the scalp and ends of hair.

Keep away from eyes. Peppermint oil is an irritant.

Healing Oil Treatment

  • Key ingredients:

    Peppermint oil invigorates the senses while aiding in circulation.

    Soybean oil hydrates and conditions.

    Sweet Almond Oil provides elasticity to the hair and skin.


    How to use: For hair and scalp treatment- Apply to hair and scalp then cover hair with a plastic cap for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and style. 

    For dry skin treatment: Apply and rub into skin. Best right after a shower.