Detox Bar Set

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  • Introducing our Detox Bar Set!

    This set includes 6  handmade soap bars, all with detoxifying benefits. (healing acne scars, decreasing acne flare-ups, removing impurities from the skin, medium/light exfoliation, moisturizing, brighter skin)

    Bars included:

    - Bentonite Clay Bar

    - Red (Rhassoul) Clay Bar

    - Sea Kelp Bar 

    - Activated Charcoal Bar

    - 2 Mixed Detox Bars (Bars can be a combination of two of the above bars) 

    Quantity: 6 Bars

    *To ensure freshness all soap bars are made to order.

    *Use soap bar within 6 months.

    * Bars may sweat or release glycerin on humid days. Soap is safe to use.